Mycotoxins: The Unseen Dangers Of Mold

The scary part is, mycotoxins are poisonous and destructive to us people.

Mycotoxins are Poison in Your Home

Mycotoxins is a toxic produced by a fungus. Above all else, we should come into terms that no house is free from mold. As I referenced before, spores released by mold are found all over the world and are present all throughout the year. There is no getting away from them since the spores can be effectively carried by anything like the wind or our shoes and can develop on anything natural.  

So, our homes are entirely vulnerable to their development. Typically, mold helps nature. Be that as it may, the issue usually with mold is mold being allergens. The impact it will have on an individual’s health relies upon the person’s affectability to the mold that can create and release mycotoxins. 

Various types of molds, for the most part, have their own weapons against other different molds. They are released as a reaction to the presence of other molds.  The scary part is, mycotoxins are poisonous and destructive to us people. 

Mycotoxins Facts #1

Another issue with molds is that they exacerbate allergies and asthma.  So, individuals who don’t have their immune system in exceptional condition can be expected likewise grow increasingly serious indications and are progressively inclined to become even iller. 

Some molds are even known to be cancer-causing. In this manner, while they represent a natural part of our environment, having them inside our homes isn’t that beneficial.

Mycotoxins Facts #2

Some of the medications we have today are derivatives from mycotoxins. However, their power is not only used for good, but they’ve also been used for biological warfare.  They are more poisonous than nerve gas. 

For example, a mycotoxin was utilized in the Vietnam war, and it brought about ten thousand casualties. Sadam Hussein additionally used mycotoxin during the 1980s.  A lot of people are blind to the danger of mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins Facts #3

The materials in our homes have likewise turned out to be increasingly attributed to the development of molds. The known food for mold is organic materials.  For instance, our homes at present are made with drywall, and that’s a conducive environment for mold to live in. In any case, at present, we use drywall for our homes and structures. So, we are increasingly being exposed to them and their mycotoxins even in our own homes.

Mycotoxins Facts #4

Mycotoxins harm the body’s defense system. They render the immune system weak so they can get in. They are protein inhibitors, which mean they stifle the immunity of a person. Accordingly, you are susceptible to every form of sickness. 

What’s worse is that it takes more time for you to get over it and you’re the first to get it. In the event that you always have this battle, your immune system goes haywire. Eventually, your immune system winds up useless; it tends to either underreact or blow up. For example, you become excessively allergic to allergens that you wouldn’t typically be affected with like pollens.

Mycotoxins Facts #5

On the off chance that your immunity is compromised, you get exhausted quickly, and you get excessively worn out. You would prefer not to do anything. When you are exposed to the mycotoxins for a really long time, it stops your organs from working. A few impacts cause irreversible harm like birth deformities, GI issues, and respiratory issues. If this continues, it will eventually lead to death.

Mycotoxins Facts #6

Mycotoxins are usually ingested, inhaled, or absorbed by the skin. Environments with more humid climates are more prone to mold growth because they provide the perfect conditions for mold to reproduce.

Mycotoxins Facts #7

Mycotoxins cause cell death. Children are more susceptible to the unfavorable effects of mycotoxins than adults because of lower weight, immature internal organs, and detoxifying systems. This likewise is true for the older people and individuals who have weakened immune systems. 

In the event that you find yourself having mycotoxin symptoms and unconventional medicinal issues that just won’t leave, you can go to a respective specialist. They can lead you to get the most precise tests. If you are found to have been presented to mycotoxins, you can begin treatment.

Mycotoxins Facts #8

Note that mold that produces mycotoxins can develop on a wide range of food like crops and other plants. Mold more often than not does not develop inappropriately dried and put away food, so proficient drying of items and support of the dry state is an essential measure against the development of mold and the creation of mycotoxins.  So, make sure you store your food correctly.

In cases where you buy your produce, make sure to inspect everything you buy first.  This is very important, especially in dealing with nuts and grains. And make sure you do not store food for long periods of time to prevent any mold contamination.

Mycotoxins Facts #9

Exposure of an individual to mycotoxins should be kept as low as can for their own well-being. Mycotoxins not just represent health risks to both human health and animal health, but has a significant effect on the security of our food and our nourishment. 

The World Health Organization urges national experts to screen and guarantee that degrees of mycotoxins in food found on the market are as low as could be expected under the circumstances and consent to both national and worldwide levels, conditions and laws.

So, remember to be vigilant.  Mold and mildew alone do not pose a real threat to us because they are a part of nature.  However, when your home has a mold infestation, there is a huge chance that there will be an exposure to mycotoxins.

Some of the effects of mycotoxins on your health won’t appear until after a few years.  They have a latency period, and you won’t know that you’ve been exposed until you already have existing health issues.

Therefore, it is better to just regularly clean your home and check it for any dampness, water intrusion, or water leaks.  It is also crucial to attend to those water damage within 48 hours so that you can avoid the reproduction of mold in your home.

In the event that you already have an existing mold problem, it is best to have your home assessed by mold remediation companies who have a good reputation so that you can make sure that it will be done safely, cost-efficiently and adequately.  

It is important to note that you should not try and remediate your home all by yourself.  These days, a lot of DIY videos are on YouTube, and people are trying to attack their mold problems without proper knowledge.  I have seen people scrub mold found in their homes without knowing that they might be releasing more spores and activating the release of mycotoxins.

Mold spores are microscopic, but the problem they can give you and your family can be enormous if you won’t be proactive in protecting yourself, your family and your home from the mycotoxins they bring.  So, always be on your guard when it comes to protecting your health. You won’t be able to buy a new body at the mall once it gets compromised.

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