Mold Avoidance Basics You Should Know

Mold avoidance is the way of allowing yourself to be in an environment that is not mold-infested so you can let your body recuperate and therefore remove the symptoms.
Mold Avoidance

Mold Avoidance – What are the Basics?

Have you ever heard of mold avoidance?  Have you ever wondered what it was? Have you ever wondered why people were doing it?  Well, we will give you an overview of mold avoidance, and we will provide you the necessary information about it today.

More and more people have discovered that the series of illnesses that they suffer, along with their family, can be attributed to mold exposure.  Only a few doctors study mold and the effect of mycotoxins, so a lot of people have suffered severely over a certain period. It has taken a toll on their health, work-life, family, and personal life amongst others.  You can honestly say that being sick from the mycotoxins have turned their lives upside down. Once diagnosed, there are different treatments and processes that follow. They have to get medications for the mycotoxin, treat their house for mold if possible or to go on a mold sabbatical or go on mold avoidance.

Mold avoidance is the way of allowing yourself to be in an environment that is not mold-infested so you can let your body recuperate and therefore remove the symptoms.  They do this by using a variety of techniques and different products to help avoid environments of mold exposure. It is a way of being in a controlled environment to help achieve a status 

Actively employing techniques, strategies, and targeted products to limit or avoid mold exposure is the essence of the mold avoidance that I practice. It is not being scared or worried about mold all of the time. Instead, it is taking the initiative to avoid environments and situations where mold exposure can occur to better one’s health. I also safely use mold prevention and air purifying products and devices to remove mold from my indoor environments.

Basics of Mold Avoidance Tip #1: Eliminate moisture

As I said, mold avoidance is best achieved in a controlled environment.  So, you have to make sure that the place that you’re staying at has the right humidity level and that you remove any source of moisture that can harbor the growth of molds.  

Next, you can use dehumidifiers and close your windows and turn on the airconditioning.  If you have plants at home, you have to bear in mind that they can be a perfect environment for mold to foster, if you want to keep them, make sure you don’t water them too much.  It is also imperative to attend to water leaks right away. You have to make sure you don’t let leaks linger for more than twenty-four hours. Leaks and floods have been known to help mold growth.

Basics of Mold Avoidance Tip #2: Eliminate Fuel

Mold avoidance is focused on eliminating the mold’s fuel or tools for survival.  For example, you have to discard water damaged carpets. In most cases, people do away with carpets in the house because they say that it is such a suitable material that can harbor mold.  People also use different products for their laundry, personal hygiene, cleaning products, etc. to help lessen the presence of spores.

If you find that there already is the presence of mold in your house, you have to call experts for remediation.  Throw away affected items and do not attempt to just remove the “visible” mold from your possessions so you can keep them.  Some people even go through extreme lengths and throw away everything at the risk of the possibility of the presence of the spores on their possessions.

Basics of Mold Avoidance Tip #3: Eliminate Fuel

The rule of thumb for mold avoidance is to remove yourself to the toxicity of mold.  So, aside from making sure that the presence of mold in your house is not at a harmful level, you have to protect yourself too.  For example, mowing grass and raking leaves can stir up mold, so use a face mask.

Basics of Mold Avoidance Tip #4: Get the Proper Diagnosis

Do not just Google the symptoms and assume that your health condition is due to mold exposure.  Go to a doctor that specializes in mycotoxin exposure and get the proper tests and diagnosis. It will hurt you more if you try to self-medicate and diagnose yourself.

Basics of Mold Avoidance Tip #5: Professional Remediation

Some people try and remediate their homes by themselves.  This is very dangerous because first of all, you don’t know how mold and the spores work.  Next, you are not trained to gauge the severity of mold infestation, nor are you trained in the proper removal of mold.  

Final Thoughts on the Basics of Mold Avoidance

It is still best to go to a medical professional specializing in toxic mold disease.  It is not an excuse not to seek professional medical treatment. You cannot just do self-diagnosis and apply every treatment you find online.  If you do not do mold avoidance properly, it may do you more harm than good. One of the dangers with mold avoidance is when someone who has successfully rid themselves of toxin exposure and then get re-exposed again.  Based on the reports of a lot of people, it seems that some people cannot tolerate even tiny amounts of these substances without adverse effects and therefore may benefit from meticulous avoidance. 

Mold has dramatically affected people on different levels.  Some families often have to move to a different location for an extended period or permanently.  They unfortunately find it hard to enter some structures like buildings without experiencing adverse effects.  Some also find it very difficult to find tolerable housing.

No one should be doing any sort of mold remediation themselves.  You may accidentally prompt the mold colonies to release a great deal of dormant toxic spores into the environment if you do not do it properly and putting yourself in even more danger. Mistakes can be extremely costly or deadly.

When it comes to mold avoidance, knowledge can help you fight at a better angle.  For instance, mold remediation may seem too costly and impractical. However, if you weigh the pros and cons and consider the risks, you will realize that it is actually cheap in comparison to all the medical bills you will be paying once your health has been compromised.  Come to think about it; there is also no arguing that no one would like to subject themselves and their families to great inconvenience because of health issues that may arise.

You don’t have to let mold take over your life and steal your health and your family’s safety.  All you need to do is to be vigilant in doing precautionary measures to help lessen the possibility of letting mold take over your home.  If you feel like you already have it in your house and need mold avoidance, then there is no better time to start than now. If you think that it is already affecting you, go to a professional so they can facilitate testing for toxic mold and start mold remediation.  You should also see a medical specialist to help you begin treatment. Take back control in your life and do not allow these health hazards to ruin everything you’ve worked hard for.

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