Mold Factor

Mold is the environmental toxin that often is a factor in why you are so sick


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Hi! I'm

Erik Johnson

I was the original CFS/ME prototype back in 1984 and the original mold avoider.

I can offer insights into how the mold factor played a role in my health and applied these techniques to restore my ability to lead an active athletic life and climb mountains. I applied techniques I learned in the military and over 30+ years of researching the CFS/ME phenomenon and toxic mold syndrome in my life.
Shauna Long

Shauna Long

Shauna is a Mom and Mold avoider and mom of Sienna a Toxic mold damaged child.

Michael Long

Michael Long

Marketing Expert and father of Sienna a Toxic mold damaged child.

Featured Talks & Seminars

Learn some of my research and the most effective techniques that helped me through my journey.

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The talk that might change the way you think about CFS/ME and Mold Toxicity.

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We have the Information you need.

Education that helps you understand the the topics of CFS/ME, Toxic Mold Syndrome among many other topics.

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Our Areas of

Information Focus

  • CFS/ME Outbreak
  • Toxic Mold Syndrome
  • Mold Avoidance Strategies
  • Research and Information on CFS/ME
  • History of CFS/ME
  • Current knowledge and research

History of CFS/ME

Learn from Erik Johnson’s information about what happened at the first outbreak of CFS/ME in history.

Workshops & Conferences

We are organizing public and private workshop and conferences to not only cover the history of the topics but cover the most up-to-date information, and Erik Mold Avoidance strategies. We also have a workshop to help you develop your Mold Sense and help you feel what different mold’s feel like so you can detect them.

Podcasts & Talks

Listen to our podcast interviews with researchers, Mold Experts, Mold Avoiders, CFS/ME experts and other topics.